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B2B Talking Heads: 4 things about UX

  • by Charlotte Howard
  • 6th Aug 2017
    • B2B, Brand Building, Web and Digital

In our monthly series of B2B Talking Heads videos, we’ll be bringing in our brightest sparks to talk about their specialist subjects.

We’re starting out with our Digital Director, Andy Sweeting. Andy has been working on the digital scene for about ten years and has a brain jam packed with proven processes and how to execute a successful project.

He took a couple of minutes to talk about the process of User Experience, or UX for short…

Before a website can be built, there must be a process of user experience insight, where designers uncover and understand what it is that users are trying to achieve when visiting your website or product.

This process is important in increasing conversions on your site. There is a difference between gaining high numbers of traffic and that traffic completing set goals. The process of UX maximises the chances of goal completion by designing with the users’ interests first and creating a simple and logical journey through the site.

To get the UX process started, collect as much information as possible about potential customer groups. Find out more about their job roles, media consumption and likeliness of being an influencer, a convincer, or even an end buyer themselves. This forms the basis for understanding how they’re likely to interact with the site and leads into planning user stories and user goals. Once these are in place the site templates can be created to facilitate these user journeys.

Investment in the UX process is vital to the success of a long-term project, and will increase efficiency from design through to development but most importantly, keeping the end user happy.

Each month we’ll be bringing you a new B2B Talking Heads video so keep your eyes peeled for the next installment.