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My work experience at Upp B2B

  • by Upp B2B
  • 7th Jun 2017
    • Upp News

Some might say that just two days of work experience ‘is not really work experience’, but they couldn’t be more wrong. During my short time at Upp B2B I experienced much more than I could have hoped for.

Let’s start at the beginning… A few months ago, I started to look for work experience that would take me completely out of my comfort zone. Performing has always been my passion, but I wanted to delve deeper into a world I had little knowledge of and open my mind to a completely different type of career. My first opportunity came at a PR agency in Manchester, somewhere I could start from the bottom with zero experience. A daunting prospect, but I knew it would help me to start building my understanding of the wider marketing and communications industry.

During my time there, I realised I wanted more. My appetite for learning had grown and a marketing agency seemed to be the obvious next step, so that’s when I turned to Upp B2B. The website had me hooked from the start – engaging, informative and most of all creative. I enquired about a possible work experience placement or shadowing.

Max, the co-founder and director of strategy at Upp, responded to my email and informed me that unfortunately the internship positions had already been filled. This could have been disheartening and caused me to walk away, but I didn’t want to let the opportunity slip through my fingers. So, I pushed a little more. I enquired about a day or two of shadowing and I was nervous that I’d be asking too much of the busy agency, but Max couldn’t have been more accommodating.

After a short period of back and forth emailing, we set two days in the diary for June. On my first day, I was introduced to content and social media executive Charlotte, who took me under her wing and made me feel extremely welcome. For my first task, I sat in on the filming of a promotional video for Upp’s website and social media at Ziferblat – the agency’s digital director Andy Sweeting was providing his expertise on user experience (UX). I had the chance to contribute some ideas and watched the video shoot develop over a short period of time.

Back at the Upp B2B office, I sat in on and contributed to a client meeting with the co-founders of the agency. Talking tactical and strategic approaches with a global b2b brand was an eye-opening experience, and I was really impressed by the attention to detail shown by both agency and client.

On my second day, I was asked to work on a brand competitor document, logging information from social media activity to keep one of Upp’s clients up to speed with their competitors’ tactics. This task gave me a great insight into the social side of marketing.

Upp was such a welcoming and friendly environment. Each member of staff individually took time out to answer any questions I had during my time here, which instantly put me at ease. It’s a privilege to say I’ve experienced a small part of the b2b marketing world at Upp, even if for just a couple of days. Many thanks to the team here in MediaCityUK – I wish the agency all the success for the future.