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My work experience by Harriet Critchley

  • by Upp B2B
  • 8th Sep 2017
    • Upp News

Being over organised can be a good thing. Some may disagree, but I like to think it’s a good thing – especially as a second year branding student.

I guess being organised is a given in the creative industry! Back in December/January I decided to start thinking of summer plans. Crazy, right? I know! So I approached an in-house company about an internship, 14 weeks in fact. This was my first opportunity to get some experience to put on my CV. But to achieve the best of both worlds, I knew I also wanted to look into doing some work experience in an agency.

Having already heard all about the agency and some of the people who work here, I had a little insight into some of the projects and I knew Upp B2B would be right for me. Max, the co-founder, was very helpful and understanding. As Upp is a very busy agency with a lot happening, I was very lucky to squeeze in a one-week placement this August.

One week in a creative agency simply isn’t enough time – busy, busy, busy! Time management has been my best friend this week. From starting my first day and being handed a brief at 10am on the dot, to going to 10+ meetings and being introduced to the key people in the agency, learning all about the things they do and presenting my ideas to the creative team, it’s been one thing after another but I’ve loved every minute.

On day one I sat in on a meeting with the creative team, Head of Client Services and Director of Brand about a current brand identity project. This was definitely a fantastic opportunity for me to see how the agency works on the brand before the client is presented with the finished visuals. This was followed by a lunch meeting with the Creative Director Anthony and one of the creative team members Craig.

The days flew by, too quickly!

I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the key roles in the agency – I’ve learnt so much that I didn’t know I would ever learn. Getting an insight into what people in account management, copy, content, social media, digital and the creative side of an agency do was interesting. It made me think a bit differently about a creative agency, rather than just focusing on the creative aspect being a designer myself. This was day two of my placement.

Days three and four were full of meetings, working on the brief that I had been set and prepping my presentation ready for Friday afternoon.

On my last day at Upp B2B I had the chance to join a client meeting with the creative team as they presented the brand identity ideas I’d seen earlier in the week. This was a great insight into how the development of a visual identity follows through to the potential execution. It was interesting to see how the clients reacted to the creative team’s perspective on their visual identity. It ended up being a positive review, with constructive feedback from both sides of the meeting.

With a few hours to prepare, it was then time for me to present my response to the brief I’d been set. Being a quiet person, this wasn’t an easy thing to do, but it was a great task to challenge myself. Plus it’s an experience I will have to do week in, week out if I intend to go into an agency and pitch to clients.

I had a superb five days at Upp B2B! Everyone made me feel so welcome and part of the team. I didn’t expect to have lunch out with some of the team either, which really made me feel appreciated. I couldn’t have asked for a more interesting and engaging week. I am delighted to put my experience at Upp on my CV.

For anyone reading this, if you get the chance to do work experience or apply for a job here at Upp B2B, take it – you’d be missing out if you didn’t!