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Team Upp do the Great Manchester Run

  • by Michael Clark
  • 28th Feb 2018
    • Upp News

Every year in May, Manchester hosts one of the largest mass participation running events in the world.

From kids’ races to the 10k and half marathon, there is something for everyone. I have done the 10k twice (a long time ago) and it was great for me and the wider team.

Today I set our resident fitness guru, Mel, the challenge of getting the Upp B2B team (including me) in shape for this year’s event on May 20th.

Why did I decide it would be a great thing for us to do the Great Manchester Run this year? Partly because it’s such a good team event and the health benefits of training are obvious – some of us need the encouragement to look after ourselves a bit better! But the main reason is that I’ve seen a huge change in the centre of Manchester over the past few years.

I’ve lived around Manchester all my life (except during my student/travelling days). I remember when I worked in the city centre 20 years ago and there were a handful of rough sleepers selling The Big Issue in St Ann’s Square, but over the past few years the homelessness problem has become endemic across the city.

In many ways, Manchester is booming – something which I, like many other people in and around the city, am very proud of. There is a growing number of high-end bars, luxury hotels, impressive offices and public spaces, but at the same time there are clearly many people who are not benefiting from these changes. I’m not going to get into politics but it’s clear there is a real issue here and anything we, the more fortunate, can do to help is worthwhile.

So, our chosen charity for the Great Manchester Run 2018 is Big Change Manchester, a campaign making a real difference to those on the streets. We raised over £1,000 for the organisation in December with our previous charity challenge – but this time we’re really going for it.

It would be great if you can support us! You can find our fundraising page here.

Thank you.