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What are you really selling?

  • by Upp B2B
  • 18th Sep 2018
    • Brand Building, Branding

In business-to-business, you spend a lot of time learning about different products. How they’re made, how they’ve sold so many units, how they’re a market leader, how they solve the customer’s problems.

Passionate clients with an admirable belief in their products. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But you see the difference when you talk to the customer. You often discover the product, the one thing clients are so proud of, isn’t the main reason customers keep coming back.

It’s the experience of service.

We live in a business world filled with people, and as people, we’re persuaded not by the rationality of the intricacies of a certain product, but how it’s sold to us. This poses a challenge for businesses only concerned with the making, selling, and marketing of products.

With the advent of ‘social selling’, this strategy has become somewhat obsolete. The challenge isn’t selling products. The real challenge is consistently delivering the kind of service that creates a wholly satisfied customer. A universal approach to customer care that sometimes spans multiple countries, teams, and partners, retaining a level of service your customers will greatly appreciate.

The challenge is people.

Businesses need to ask themselves, how do you get every person in the organisation to delight the customer every time? How do you make sure you give the same level of respect and knowledge from the bottom all the way through the top? Most importantly, how do you make your workforce care?

Give them purpose

Uniting everyone around a common and shared purpose is fundamental. Your employees need something to be proud of, to feel as if they’ve contributed to something they believe in and therefore will deliver the product the way they see it. Something Brilliant.

A purpose-driven organisation becomes a customer-centric business.

Companies who create and maintain a deep-seated purpose can innovate their customer service. With it, training programs gain a new meaning. Customers are delivered a level of service that won’t leave them questioning the price they pay for the product.

Customers are looking for more.

The world is over-saturated with everything. Choice is seemingly endless in some sectors with little to differentiate than price. Customers are spoilt for choice and there are too many companies selling shallow promises.

What customers want, what your customers want, is an easy life. They want to enjoy the experience of working with you. They want to feel good about their choice and the personal satisfaction of a job well done.

They want to buy from people they like. People they believe can make a difference to them and their company. They want to buy people, not products.

The secret to elevating your brand proposition is to stop selling products and start building a service-led culture inside your workforce, or rather people force.

It’s a long term commitment and you have to dig your heels in deep, but the rewards are clear. Long-term turns into longevity as you discover a point of difference you may not have known to exist. An ownable asset that no other company can copy. One your customers will champion.

If you’re ready to discover what customers really value, get in touch. We’ll share some thoughts about how you can make the shift into a customer-focused service and ultimately drive your brand experience into new territory. Into true market leadership.