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Snap Lens is coming (to b2b brands)

  • by Peter Davis
  • 8th May 2019
    • Brand Growth, Content, Creative

In recent weeks, Snapchat-using Game of Thrones fans have been able to witness, first-hand, the Ice Dragon landing on New York’s iconic Flatiron Building. This startling sight was brought to life via their phone screens and a Snapchat Lens created by HBO.

Snap Lenses are animated filters that activate via a mobile, tablet or desktop camera and overlay images onto live footage. Creative campaigns deploying Snap Lenses – see Cadbury’s Creme Egg campaign below – are an example of how brands are starting to use augmented reality (AR) to engage and entertain customers in innovative ways.

Cadbury Creme Egg Snap Lens

Last month, Snapchat announced that they’re planning to deliver interactive AR experiences to ad networks, outside of the Snapchat app. This could be a huge creative advertising opportunity for b2b brands.

Snapchat have been at the leading edge of AR for some time now, but the likes of Facebook, Apple and Google are catching up fast. Earlier this week, the latter announced that AR would be coming to Google Search later this year, allowing you to view detailed 3D models in your immediate surroundings, through your device screen. Imagine, for example, inspecting NASA’s Mars Rover in the comfort of your own living room.

This technology is evolving at a thrilling pace, and the prospect of b2b decision-makers being able to engage with a product ‘in-ad’ is now within reach. We can’t wait for it to become a reality.