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B2B Talking Heads: 4 things about ‘brand’

  • by Upp B2B
  • 25th Jul 2017
    • B2B, Brand Creation

Each month we bring you top tips and indispensable insight from one of the Upp team in our B2B Talking Heads video series.

This month’s contribution comes from our Director of Brand, Ann Rimmer.

As part of our “4 things about” series, we caught up with Ann on the four most important things to consider when building a b2b brand.

Why does brand matter in b2b?

It matters because customers are looking for trust cues, that you’re going to be able to deliver what you say you will; and your brand helps you communicate what you’re going to be like to work with, and whether you can be trusted.

How can a brand be more customer-centric?

Essentially, you need to listen to your customers, and understand what they’re looking for and tapping into their emotional needs as well as their rational needs. You need to ask questions about what they look for and what they worry about, and then communicate that that’s something you understand.

How does a brand embed their brand values across the business internally?

To do this you need to involve the whole team. Presuming your values have been set out, it’s working with the team to agree what your value-led behaviours will look like on a day-to-day basis. Then you need to embed that into your processes, systems, appraisals etc. The main thing is collaboration with the team.

Tell us one more thing everyone should know about brand.

It’s important in b2b to consider: are you operating over lots of different sectors and/or international markets? A lot of b2b brands are, so it’s good to look at what the differences are in those markets and make sure that you understand what the competitive landscape looks like, so that you can communicate clearly across all of those sectors and markets.

Each month we’ll be bringing you a new B2B Talking Heads video so keep your eyes peeled for the next in our series.