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Catching a viral wave: #NuggsForCarter

  • by Upp B2B
  • 11th Apr 2017
    • B2B News

It started with a cheeky request to burger outlet Wendy’s for a year’s supply of chicken nuggets, now an American teenager is viral, with a mere 18 million retweets to achieve.

With the World Record for the largest number of retweets being 3.4million (at the time of writing), held by Ellen DeGeneres from that Oscar’s selfie, Carter has some mountain to climb.

However, whether he meets the target doesn’t matter, it’s a great lesson in brand and social from Wendy’s.

If you’ve ever wondered how things go viral, cleverly Wendy’s actually helped Carter spread his message by re-posting it, quoting it, and retweeting those who shared it. Plus, they stayed engaged with it, regularly commenting on his progress and goading him.

Big brands such as Amazon and Microsoft have even tried to ride the wave, tweeting support for his cause. While others have talked of using the year-long supply for good, as a charity donation to feed the homeless.

While viral posts and campaigns might be less relevant in the b2b world, there’s still something we can learn from Wendy’s.

Be authentic. Sure, we’ve all heard this before, but it really is important. Make sure your marketing channels, whether social or otherwise, are always true to the tone of your brand, and that they represent your values. Wendy’s is a cheeky, irreverent brand which is reflected in social posts and its forthright engagement with its customers online.

Some might argue, even we’re trying to ride his wave with this blog 😉