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The archive

The writers here at Upp B2B have been busy reporting, writing and educating since we began in 2016.

Why agile branding is the next big brand challenge for b2b marketers

  • 26th Jan 2018
  • Brand Creation, Branding, Strategy

In b2b companies today, branding is discussed at the highest level. CEOs increasingly recognise their brand as a strategic tool for building value. Not so long ago, we spent a great deal of time in meetings explaining what a brand is (and is not) and why it matters in b2b. Those days are behind us…

How AI is changing b2b customer service

  • 15th Jan 2018
  • Brand Growth, Strategy, Web and Digital

By 2020, the average person will have more daily conversations with bots than they do with their partner (Gartner research). Artificial intelligence or AI is fast becoming a mainstream concept. The ‘singularity’ – the moment when man and machine intelligence merge to irreversibly transform our civilisation – may still be some way off (renowned futurist…

Christmas charity fun at Upp: the Uppmas Twumper

  • 18th Dec 2017
  • Upp News

Our team at Upp B2B came together a few weeks ago to decide what we could do for Christmas. There were some great (and some incredibly brave) ideas thrown about (luckily Jasper’s idea of us all performing in an X Factor style wasn’t successful!) and we finally settled on something we thought would really show…

Listen up: The best podcasts for b2b marketers

  • 5th Dec 2017
  • B2B, Web and Digital

2017 has been another big year for podcasts. Having outlived the device it was named after, this surprisingly resilient content format continues to win plaudits and attract new listeners. But which are the best podcasts for b2b marketers? Podcasting is now so popular that you can find multiple audio series devoted to any subject, no…

Welcome to Upp, Gary Corr

  • 22nd Nov 2017
  • Upp News

There’s not much else going on at this time of year. As the nights draw in and the famous Manchester weather limbers up for the winter, we wanted to bring a bit of sunshine into our 18th floor office in MediaCity. Enter right, Gary Corr. Normally, the interview process can take weeks and sometimes months,…

What is true b2b thought leadership?

  • 21st Nov 2017
  • Content, Lead Generation

Sharing specialist knowledge of your business sector, whether it be logistics, tech, distribution, manufacturing or something else can give you a competitive edge. Prospects can see that you are pioneering progression and getting ahead of the curve in upcoming trends, and sharing this insight with your audience through a piece of content has the potential…

Long live print: Why the latest b2b content marketing trend has gone retro  

  • 1st Nov 2017
  • Content, Lead Generation

There’s an exciting new development in the b2b content marketing world – and believe it or not, there’s not an app or algorithm in sight! Remember back to when the e-reader first appeared and people thought physical books would soon become extinct? Back in 2011, the Kindle had taken the world by storm and nervous…

How to plan your B2B content marketing

  • 26th Oct 2017
  • Brand Growth, Content, Lead Generation, Strategy

Wake up. Breakfast. Commute. Coffee. Email. Meeting. Desk lunch. Meeting. Commute. Dinner. Bed. Hands up if that sounds about right for 80% of the working week. Time is indeed precious, and b2b content marketing can be complex. Your products or services can make the content seem more daunting than the dreaded task of opening your…

Travis Perkins chooses Upp B2B for strategic brand review

  • 20th Oct 2017
  • Upp News

It’s exciting times here at Upp, as we’ve recently been commissioned by Travis Perkins (part of Travis Perkins plc) to partner with them on a strategic review of the brand and customer proposition. The work is a key part of Travis Perkins’ five-year business strategy, which is focused on leveraging their builders’ merchant reputation to…

How to optimise b2b customer experience in an omni-channel world

  • 10th Oct 2017
  • Brand Growth, Branding, Strategy

In August, I noticed that my soon-to-be-40 midriff was slightly beyond its original design constraints, prompting a decision to revisit the gym. On the maxim that “a problem shared is a problem halved”, my wife and I joined the local Virgin Active, opting for the monthly membership. We weren’t particularly thrilled with the £40 joining…