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The archive

The writers here at Upp B2B have been busy reporting, writing and educating since we began in 2016.

Nomenclature- ‘what’s in a name?’

  • 27th Jan 2017
  • Brand Creation, Branding, Strategy

If a business offers Jetline, Express 9.00, Express Worldwide and Express Easy as their services, it would be reasonable to assume they are offering delivery services. In fact, these are real solutions offered by DHL Express for exports defined initially by date specific options and again by time and vehicle. It is logical and unambiguous…

‘None genuine without the signature of W. K. Kellogg.’- The name that became a masterbrand

  • 25th Jan 2017
  • Brand Creation, Branding, Strategy

When you picture Kellogg’s, there’s no colour that comes to mind other than the signature bright red. And there’s no other way to imagine it written than in the signature style which has been emblazoned on the front of the product since the first production in 1906, when William Keith Kellogg signed each box to…

What’s the secret of a great logo?

  • 23rd Jan 2017
  • Brand Building, Branding, Creative

We’ve reached the ‘L’ in our quick-fire blog journey through the A to Z of b2b branding, which means it’s time to look at logo. I ceded the floor to our creative team for this one, asking them to share a few thoughts on what makes a great logo and why. Here’s what our creative…

K is for Knowledge: Here’s to 2017

  • 13th Jan 2017
  • B2B

The concept of ‘knowledge’ has arguably never been more problematic, more slippery – more unknowable – than it is at the beginning of 2017. Post-truth. Fake news. These are the terms that have dominated general discourse in the wake of Brexit and Donald Trump’s once-inconceivable election victory. As the shockwaves from these events continue to…

Social media updates worth paying attention to for b2b marketers

  • 23rd Dec 2016
  • B2B, Content

The world of social media is moving quickly…in just 6 months we’ve seen new platforms catapulting to success whilst others have fallen by the wayside in recent times. Whether your business is active on one platform or seven, being up-to-date with the newest tools can set you apart as an innovator and a forward-thinker. And…

Brandjacking: How to survive the social media jungle

  • 12th Dec 2016
  • Brand Growth, Branding, Strategy

Social media ain’t for the faint-hearted brand guardian, that’s for sure. Even the hardiest, most grizzled brand strategy guru can’t help but feel a twinge of trepidation when they check in on Twitter or Facebook from time to time. The social media world is a constantly changing, sometimes harsh and – let’s face it –…

Ingredient branding: Giving a component a standalone identity

  • 9th Dec 2016
  • Brand Creation, Branding, Strategy

In some industries, there are many elements which are sourced to create a final product. It sounds so simple. But what about if you’re producing one of the parts that are sourced? How can you give your product an identity? In the 1980s, Intel was coming up against major competition providing cheaper microprocessors to computer…

Look back to move forward: Nostalgic branding and the halo effect

  • 29th Nov 2016
  • Brand Creation, Branding, Strategy

“We live in the digital future but we’re mesmerized by our analogue past.” In 2011, the celebrated music writer Simon Reynolds published a book called Retromania: Pop Culture’s Addiction to Its Own Past. Reynolds argued that innovation in music was stagnating because bands and artists had become too reliant on recycling the recent past. His…

G is for Glocalisation: Why HSBC did it best

  • 29th Nov 2016
  • Brand Creation, Branding, Strategy

Earlier this year, HSBC’s outgoing global head of marketing Chris Clark explained why the financial giant had chosen to ditch its long-standing position as ‘the world’s local bank’. Speaking to CNBC’s Marketing Media Money, he said that cost-cutting measures and the decision to scale back operations in certain countries from 2011 meant the bank’s famous…

Upp your customer experience (CX)

  • 23rd Nov 2016
  • Brand Creation, Brand Growth, Strategy, Web and Digital

When reviewing your website’s performance, an integral consideration is the user experience (UX) – how easily the visitor will be able to find content, locate themselves within the site hierarchy and navigate between pages. Good and bad UX can be the difference between the website being a key digital channel for creating leads and helping…