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The writers here at Upp B2B have been busy reporting, writing and educating since we began in 2016.

Perceivability in interaction

  • 25th Sep 2018
  • Brand Building, Web and Digital

Opportunities to interact should be obvious. People should not have to guess or look for opportunities to interact. When developing interactive media, users should have the ability to review an interface and easily identify where they can interact. Make it a habit to provide hints and indicators. More like, visual cues such as buttons, icons,…

What are you really selling?

  • 18th Sep 2018
  • Brand Building, Branding

In business-to-business, you spend a lot of time learning about different products. How they’re made, how they’ve sold so many units, how they’re a market leader, how they solve the customer’s problems. Passionate clients with an admirable belief in their products. There’s nothing wrong with that. But you see the difference when you talk to…

What do you believe in? The rise of the human b2b brand

  • 9th Jul 2018
  • Brand Creation, Branding, Employee Engagement, Strategy

A new era is dawning. This year, brands have to become more human. What do we mean by this? Well, look again at the title of this post and think about the question there. Rephrase it if you like – what do you stand for? What drives you? You probably won’t have much trouble answering…

Welcome to Upp, Rachel Ensor

  • 7th Jun 2018
  • Upp News

Finishing university can be a daunting prospect. Having to leave the warm arms of education and enter the big wide working world can throw up all sorts of questions. Luckily for us, some people just get on with it. Rachel recently joined Upp as an account executive while she was still completing her degree in…

Mobile-first indexing: What does it mean for your b2b website?

  • 27th Apr 2018
  • Brand Growth, Web and Digital

After 18 months of experimentation and testing, Google finally announced the rollout of mobile-first indexing on March 26th. A product manager at the company first talked about this change in November 2016, highlighting that the majority of people were searching the web on mobile devices and suggesting it was time to give preference to the…

The Business Marketing Club kicks off in the north-west

  • 21st Mar 2018
  • B2B, Upp News

A brand new knowledge sharing and networking group for b2b marketers has arrived in our region – and we’re thrilled to be actively involved. The Business Marketing Club (BMC) has already run successful events in London, the south-west and east Midlands. With the launch of BMC NW, the north-west’s growing b2b marketing community now has…

Is there a role for chatbots on B2B websites?

  • 13th Mar 2018
  • B2B, Brand Growth, Web and Digital

chat|bot [ˈtʃatbɒt] NOUN chatbots (plural noun) a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet: “chatbots often treat conversations like they’re a game of tennis: talk, reply, talk, reply” By now, most of you internet savvy users will have come across these programs – some of you will have had…

Welcome to Upp, Aimee Wiseman

  • 12th Mar 2018
  • Upp News

The first three months of 2018 have seen as many new faces join Upp B2B. We’ve been expanding the Client Services team, which is newly headed up by Becs and also includes new account executive April. Now we turn the spotlight to our latest addition, Aimee Wiseman, who has joined Upp as senior account manager. She…

Team Upp do the Great Manchester Run

  • 28th Feb 2018
  • Upp News

Every year in May, Manchester hosts one of the largest mass participation running events in the world. From kids’ races to the 10k and half marathon, there is something for everyone. I have done the 10k twice (a long time ago) and it was great for me and the wider team. Today I set our resident…

Welcome to Upp, April Dawson

  • 23rd Feb 2018
  • Upp News

We’re pleased to introduce another new member of the Upp team. April Dawson recently joined us as account executive after graduating from the University of Edinburgh and quickly proved herself to be a natural, jumping straight into some challenging client projects. Definitely a future b2b star! Get to know her below. ———- Where is your favourite…

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