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The archive

The writers here at Upp B2B have been busy reporting, writing and educating since we began in 2016.

TikTok, TikTok. Is it time for B2B to embrace new channels?

  • 20th May 2021
  • B2B, Creative, Lead Generation, Web and Digital

The digital world seems to be throwing up something new almost every day. From TikTok to Clubhouse we’re finding more and more ways to connect with business audiences and speak to them on a more personal level. These platforms are new, they’re exciting and there’s a real opportunity to be among the first to make…

Is Your B2B Marketing Ready for Gen-Z?

  • 20th Nov 2020
  • B2B

  When it comes to marketing your business, you may feel as though there’s little need to consider Gen-Z. After all, the generation that unleashed TikTok and K-pop on the world isn’t exactly your target market – right? Thing is, the generation born between 1996 and 2015 is more central to your business’s success than…

Some of our favourite WordPress plugins

  • 28th Aug 2020
  • B2B, Web and Digital

  WordPress is a great choice for many websites, from a simple blog to a slick website and even a more complex e-commerce build. Out of the box, it is very versatile but a key draw for many is the availability of plugins, which allow non-programmers to extend the functionality of their website in just…

How DHL Set the Standard for B2B Brand Responses to Covid-19

  • 27th May 2020
  • B2B, Brand Building, Branding

  At this point, we’re all feeling pretty ground down by Covid-19 right? News from the pandemic frontlines pours relentlessly from our phones, TVs and laptops. The stories ricochet from terrifying to heart-breaking and back again. There’s the occasional uplifting tale – Captain Tom, nationwide standing ovations for the NHS – but it’s mostly grim…

Marketing and Digital, During and After Covid-19 

  • 5th May 2020
  • B2B, Strategy, Web and Digital

  There is no doubt that the current events surrounding COVID-19 have changed most – if not all –aspects of our lives. But you don’t need to read another post on how you can help “flatten the curve”. There are already enough of those being churned out. The advice from medical experts may be unclear,…

Big Ideas, Short Loops and the Long Game: How Will the 2020s Reshape B2B Marketing? 

  • 13th Dec 2019
  • B2B, Brand Building, Brand Growth, Creative

  A new decade is upon us. For brands, now is the perfect moment to modernise and reenergise with some fresh creative thinking. So – where should we start? Living in a Millennial World   First things first. As we enter the ’20s, it’s vital to acknowledge just how much power millennials now wield in…

Understanding Your Brand Search

  • 1st Oct 2019
  • B2B

Within a B2B Search Marketing campaign, there are two broad types of keyword, those that contain your company or brand name, and those that do not. Searches that contain your company name are called “brand searches”. While high volume, non–branded keywords are often the best route to finding new customers, branded searches are equally important…

How marketing intelligence can make your B2B brand marketing more intelligent

  • 22nd Jun 2019
  • Brand Growth, Lead Generation, Strategy

Intelligence is an overused word in the marketing industry. We talk about ‘customer intelligence’, about ‘business intelligence’, about ‘market intelligence’. And now we have ‘artificial intelligence’ to factor into our planning and thinking, too. Marketing intelligence, however, is different. Marketing intelligence elevates the way we think about market data and analytics to help us think…

Google Shifts from Search Engine to Portal: 5 Practical SEO Actions You Can Take to Compete Effectively

  • 21st Jun 2019
  • Brand Growth, SEO, Strategy, Web and Digital

5 Practical SEO Actions Your Business Can Take to Compete Effectively on Organic Search Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (commonly referred to as ‘SERPs’) are hardly recognisable compared to what they looked like just a few years ago. The tech conglomerate, partly in response to Amazon’s ascension, has taken strategic steps to exert further control…

4 Steps to Building Your Best B2B Customer Experience

  • 20th Jun 2019
  • Brand Building, Strategy

For some time now, B2C brands have been leading the way in customer experience. It’s about time that B2B brands bridged the gap by focusing on the longevity of their customer relationships. Consumer-facing brands are constantly taking note of what their audiences want and reacting accordingly – so why are B2B businesses still missing out…