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Lead Generation

Is your b2b pipeline in need of a boost?

Every business needs a healthy pipeline of leads to thrive. Yes, people do still buy people, but it’s how you get to that all important first face-to-face meeting that’s the biggest conundrum for b2b businesses and marketers right now.

Inbound, outbound, demand generation, automation, lead scoring, ABM, SEO, PPC, personas, content marketing, lead nurturing – you’ve probably heard of most of these b2b lead generation tactics. But where do you start? And how do you make them work together in perfect harmony to keep your sales pipeline flowing short, medium and long term? Let our expert team guide you.

Integrated lead generation campaigns

Right message, right audience, right time

From £2k

Quick fix email activity no longer cuts the b2b mustard. Think about it – how many of those lovingly crafted sales emails do you delete without so much as a cursory browse each day? Yep, us too.

Successful lead generation activity is about so much more. It’s a craft. A gentle nurturing of prospects based on behavioural insights and engagements. A carefully planned combination of timely and relevant communications, aligned with an insight-driven segmentation model.

Compelling offers, personalisation, contextual, programmatic – there’s as much science as there is art to a lead generation strategy that delivers in 2016. And team Upp B2B can show you how to cut through the noise.

We get inside the heads of your audiences to develop propositions that get your products and services noticed. We carve up your data into finely tuned segmentation ‘buckets’, we integrate to get the multiplier effect and we connect with meaningful conversations and offers. What’s more, we’re automation experts – see below – so we can keep you in control with metrics that track results at the touch of a few buttons.

Marketing Automation

Taking your lead nurturing to the next level

From £3k per month

Marketing automation offers genuine potential to transform your sales and marketing process. Giving you complete visibility of your prospects’ ‘sales-ready’ status based on a bespoke pre-set ‘lead scoring’ matrix, an automation platform can be a valuable asset for any business serious about growth.

Here at Upp B2B, we’re tech geeks who’ve been fascinated by the intricacies of automation platforms since they emerged many years ago. We really know our onions and can advise you on the best platform to suit your plans and budget.

We’re an accredited HubSpot partner but we’re platform-agnostic, with technical know-how across Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot, Collabo, Wishpond and Silverpop, to name a few. We don’t sell you a sledgehammer solution to crack a nut so you can trust us to guide you through the minefield of automation choices. We’ll make sure you make the right decision and be here to support you through onboarding, tech set up and most importantly campaign activation.

For a HubSpot demo, drop us a line at hello@uppb2b.co.uk and we’ll walk you through the features and functionality over a mug of Manchester’s finest.

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Ready to start your journey Uppwards?

Need to get your lead pipeline flowing? Let's chat...


Ready to start your journey Uppwards?

Need to get your lead pipeline flowing? Let's chat...