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From big brands to little brands and everything in between.

Brand is such a big all-encompassing word. A serious word, when teamed up with suffixes like equity, proposition, values and positioning.

We are a branding agency who take the science of brand development and combine this with the art of creative genius, to build brands from the top down and the bottom up.

We bring new brands to life. We breathe fresh energy into tired brands. And we elevate and reposition brands that have somehow lost their way.

Our job is to get your brand noticed for all the right reasons, building market awareness and perception to give your business, product or service a competitive advantage.

Brand Development

Need a more compelling brand proposition?

From £20k

Developing strong brand propositions that resonate with your audiences can be the difference between followers and advocates or critics and cynics. A powerful brand proposition and messaging strategy has to be authentic, relevant and distinctive to achieve impact. ‘Me too’ just doesn’t cut it if you want to stand out in b2b circles.

Upp B2B can work with you to build lasting brand impact. We can help you to identify your optimum market position and plan how best to extend awareness in your key markets.

We offer a number of ‘Voice of customer’ and ‘Voice of market’ research frameworks to get to grips with the issues you’re up against. Research needn’t be a lengthy or expensive process, and our process has been developed with this in mind. We turn good data and meaningful insight into commercial interpretation, then add some magic to create a brand foundation you will be proud of for years to come.


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If you need an outside perspective to understand how great b2b marketing thinking can help your business get to the next level, then let’s talk.

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